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WHO in 1948 defined health as a state of complete  physical   , mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of diseases . sadly , in this world of incessant change we tend to forget these every basic requirements for maintenance of good health . the constant demand  of daily living also rubs us of valuable time needed to nurture our emotional and spiritual self , this is clearly reflected in the increasing incidence of cardiovascular and mental illness in our society . world wide studies show that a persistent sense of hostility , aggression and vital exhaustion increases the risk of cardiovascular illness.

Good health is an optimum balance of our physical , emotional , spiritual and intellectual health . physical health relates to our external and internal organic wellbeing . a good and balanced diet , regular exercise and residing and working in an unpolluted environment contribute to a healthy body . emotional health relates to our inner sense of peace and contentment , and allows us to live in harmony with other community members . by controlling and balancing our aggression , anger and other negative emotions we help ourselves to live collectively in a productive society . some parts of our days should be spent in a relaxing environment such as reading , writing ,talking to friends , going for a walk , watching a movie or anything that gives us emotional gratification , without obvious material gain . spiritual wellbeing is derived from regular meditation and reflective thought . whatever our religious affiliation , meditation gives us inner calmness ,  lowers blood pressure , improves our thinking process and memory and helps us accept the trials of tribulation then comes with everyday life . All basic religious principals advise up to improve our moral emotions towards ourselves and other . giving blood , donating to charity , helping people in need , doing good to a completed stranger , all show that we , as humans ,have a great capacity and yearning for moral Improvement .

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