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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Improve your health First

From our early age we have heard , “health is the root of all the happiness ”. So improve your health first. we all know it every well you most of us to do not follow it . when we are sick , we go to doctor , buy some medicine and come home . Once we get well we don’t want to think about it . the incidence of high blood pressure , high cholesterol , diabetes , heart disease and obesity is very common in most of the countries.
We all should aim for good health . for the good health is a choice that we must make for ourselves . Our health is our responsibility . we need to eat the right type of food and do regular exercise . eating well may help reduce the risk of health disease , osteoporosis , diabetes , cancer , arthritis, and even Alzheimer’s disease . in modern days , we live a very busy life . however we have to make time for exercise .

Medicines : How safe they are

Medicine are a must these days for almost everyone at some stage of there life .boradly speaking , medicines can be of to categories: 1) complementary alternative medicines (CMA)  which include traditional medicines , vitamins , minerals ,nutritional supplements and harbal , aromatherapy and homoeopathic products , and 2) conventional medicine or allopathic medicines . when conventional medicines are prescribed by a qualified doctor they called prescription drugs or prescription medicines .
Do you know medicine how safe they are ? Medicines are legal drugs; they are available drug stores but then does not mean anyone can by any medicines at will .of course there are exceptions. for wrong medicines  can be more dangerous then the disease you have . in an ideal situation it is mandatory for you to produce prescriptions before the seller at the chemist’s to obtain the necessary medicines . however there are certain drug for which on prescription and necessary . there are known as over-the-counter drugs .while most complementary alternative medicines are thought to be benign and of  less practical value some may contain toxic ingredients causing deaths or serious health problems . the traditional herb ma huang  (ephedra)  which is used in china to treat short-term respiratory congestion was the cause of a dozen deaths in the united states of America . the herb from the aristolochiaceae family used as dietary aid caused kidney damage to 70 people in Belgium . As for supplements create new problems rather then solving the existing ones. For example , foods with Additives such as   vitamin C and D in your juice and milk or vitamin laced power drinks can cause health problems ranging from obesity , heart disease to even cancer . It is estimated that about 80 percent of the world’s population rely on complementary alternative medicines as this primary from the health care .  In some cases traditional treatment is known to have produced some positive result , for example acupuncture in reliving pain yoga in reducing asthma attacks , .Usually CAM practitioners judge the result by the patinas perception of filling better and not by physiological findings such as blood pressure check as done is the case of conventional treatment . despite all the scientific evidence backing them up prescription medicines are not without side affects . usually most side effects are minor . and not everyone is affected by side affects or experiences the same degree of side affects this is because of difference in our genetic makeup . the common side effects include nausea , stomach disorder fluctuation in the body temperature , depression , sleepiness and allergic reaction such as a rash or inflammation . one good thing about prescription drugs is they contain warnings cautions , possible side affects and possible drug interactions . bellow are given some points that you need to consider while using or deciding  to use prescription medicines . (1) Avoid taking medicines if you can . For example , in the case of flu or common cold taking plenty of rest and drinking plenty of clear fluids such as water or pure fruit juice can cure you non-medicinally. (2) While with your doctor for the treatment of a particular ailment , tell him all about your other ailments if you have them. (3) To avoid any adverse interaction between drugs always tell your doctor which medicines you are already taking. (4) Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any particular medicine. (5) Double check with the doctor on how to use the medicines correctly. (6) Be aware of any side affects of the medicines prescribed. (7) Ask your doctor if you should avoid certain foods , beverages , other medicines , or activities while you are taking the drug. (8) Check if the pharmacist is giving you exactly the same medicines as mentioned in your prescription (9) Always keep medicines beyond the reach of your children.

Better Health Tips

Eat more low GI foods . low GI foods include apples , bananas , pears , oranges , cherries , peaches , dried apricots guavas , watermelons ,dried dates and mangoes then to have a higher GI index of around 70 or more , whereas raisins , sultanas , apricots , pineapples , and rock melon sit in the middle .
Use basmati rice instead of calrose  of other with rice .
Barley , semolina , mixed grain bread , porridge and wheat based pasta are better then rice pasta white bread , puffed wheat , cornflakes and rice bubbles .
Most lentils , legumes , peas , carrots , green leafy vegetable are very low in GI index .
Avoid pale skin potatoes and pumpkins .
Always mix and match your foods with a variety of foods with different GI indices so as to provide you with adequate nutrition according to your age and lifestyle.Almost you must have find out better health tips for healthy life

World most famous Hospital

Health of body and mind has always been one of the most important issues in life for us humans. Seeing a doctor is usually the best option when one comes down with an illness or ailment. With the spread of the Internet people have been increasingly relying on the World Wide Web to gather various types of health information. You will find a lot of health related advices in the form of blogs, newsletters, articles and website content. Not only this, you can also receive daily health tips in the form of e-mails. In some cases you must go hospital specially different kinds of surgery. Before visit hospital you need some information such as doctor, hospital diagnostics, your disease specialists. List of world most famous hospital given bellow.

Bangkok Adventist Hospital(Thailand)
Nakornping Hospital(China)

Bangkok Christian Hospital(Thailand)

Rajavej Chiang Mai Hospital(China)

Ruam Padh Hospital(China)

St.Peter Eye Hospital(China)

CMU China-Japan Friendship Hospital

CMU Beijing Anzhen Hospital

Beijing New Century International Hospital for Children

Peking Union Medical College Hospital

F F Thompson Hospital

Forrest Hills Hospital

Alfred Bean Hospital - Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire

Beverley Westwood Hospital - Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire

Bridlington and District Hospital - Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire

Castle Hill Hospital - Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire

Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital - Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire
Goole and District Hospital - Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire
Harrogate District Hospital - Harrogate, North Yorkshire

New End Hospital

North Middlesex Hospital

Middlesex Hospital

Barnet General Hospital

Queen's Hospital

St. Clements Hospital

Rush Green Hospital

Whipps Cross University Hospital

Ealing Hospital

Evelina Children's Hospital

Charing Cross Hospital

St Mary Abbot's Hospital

Westminster Hospital
Royal Brompton Hospital
Leicester General Hospital

Nottingham City Hospital

Bedford Hospital

Essex County Hospital
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Papworth Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital
West Suffolk Hospital

Crawley Hospital

Darent Valley Hospital

William Harvey Hospital

Hull Nuffield Hospital

Children's National Medical Center

Providence Hospital

Specialty Hospital of Washington

United Medical Center

Different diseases solutions

People have always tried alternative routes to recovery: E. G. the 'home doctor' books of old. Maybe you don't like sitting in a room waiting with a bunch of other sick people-you might catch something there! You could be housebound, or maybe you feel like hearing several opinions as you've found past experiences with some doctors have been tainted by poor judgments. Well, the Internet is here with a multitude of options to help you get better. You find out online better solutions if you know keyword of your problem. There have many trusted health related websites that give you a opportunity of doctor support. Here are some keyword that help to find Different diseases solutions :

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Vitamin B
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