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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Better Health Tips

Eat more low GI foods . low GI foods include apples , bananas , pears , oranges , cherries , peaches , dried apricots guavas , watermelons ,dried dates and mangoes then to have a higher GI index of around 70 or more , whereas raisins , sultanas , apricots , pineapples , and rock melon sit in the middle .
Use basmati rice instead of calrose  of other with rice .
Barley , semolina , mixed grain bread , porridge and wheat based pasta are better then rice pasta white bread , puffed wheat , cornflakes and rice bubbles .
Most lentils , legumes , peas , carrots , green leafy vegetable are very low in GI index .
Avoid pale skin potatoes and pumpkins .
Always mix and match your foods with a variety of foods with different GI indices so as to provide you with adequate nutrition according to your age and lifestyle.Almost you must have find out better health tips for healthy life

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