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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Medicines : How safe they are

Medicine are a must these days for almost everyone at some stage of there life .boradly speaking , medicines can be of to categories: 1) complementary alternative medicines (CMA)  which include traditional medicines , vitamins , minerals ,nutritional supplements and harbal , aromatherapy and homoeopathic products , and 2) conventional medicine or allopathic medicines . when conventional medicines are prescribed by a qualified doctor they called prescription drugs or prescription medicines .
Do you know medicine how safe they are ? Medicines are legal drugs; they are available drug stores but then does not mean anyone can by any medicines at will .of course there are exceptions. for wrong medicines  can be more dangerous then the disease you have . in an ideal situation it is mandatory for you to produce prescriptions before the seller at the chemist’s to obtain the necessary medicines . however there are certain drug for which on prescription and necessary . there are known as over-the-counter drugs .while most complementary alternative medicines are thought to be benign and of  less practical value some may contain toxic ingredients causing deaths or serious health problems . the traditional herb ma huang  (ephedra)  which is used in china to treat short-term respiratory congestion was the cause of a dozen deaths in the united states of America . the herb from the aristolochiaceae family used as dietary aid caused kidney damage to 70 people in Belgium . As for supplements create new problems rather then solving the existing ones. For example , foods with Additives such as   vitamin C and D in your juice and milk or vitamin laced power drinks can cause health problems ranging from obesity , heart disease to even cancer . It is estimated that about 80 percent of the world’s population rely on complementary alternative medicines as this primary from the health care .  In some cases traditional treatment is known to have produced some positive result , for example acupuncture in reliving pain yoga in reducing asthma attacks , .Usually CAM practitioners judge the result by the patinas perception of filling better and not by physiological findings such as blood pressure check as done is the case of conventional treatment . despite all the scientific evidence backing them up prescription medicines are not without side affects . usually most side effects are minor . and not everyone is affected by side affects or experiences the same degree of side affects this is because of difference in our genetic makeup . the common side effects include nausea , stomach disorder fluctuation in the body temperature , depression , sleepiness and allergic reaction such as a rash or inflammation . one good thing about prescription drugs is they contain warnings cautions , possible side affects and possible drug interactions . bellow are given some points that you need to consider while using or deciding  to use prescription medicines . (1) Avoid taking medicines if you can . For example , in the case of flu or common cold taking plenty of rest and drinking plenty of clear fluids such as water or pure fruit juice can cure you non-medicinally. (2) While with your doctor for the treatment of a particular ailment , tell him all about your other ailments if you have them. (3) To avoid any adverse interaction between drugs always tell your doctor which medicines you are already taking. (4) Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any particular medicine. (5) Double check with the doctor on how to use the medicines correctly. (6) Be aware of any side affects of the medicines prescribed. (7) Ask your doctor if you should avoid certain foods , beverages , other medicines , or activities while you are taking the drug. (8) Check if the pharmacist is giving you exactly the same medicines as mentioned in your prescription (9) Always keep medicines beyond the reach of your children.

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